Solutions and Applications


The ability for teaching staff to view what the trainee is looking at remotely along whilst also monitoring the location, actions and physical status of a trainee in real-time has numerous applications. These range from bomb disposal, search, dog handling and other technical and tactical tasks.

Once data from a training exercise has been recorded in Scimitar Tactical it can be reviewed impartially, allowing for assessment and feedback without bias or cognitive bias, which can be caused in high pressure training situations. This enhances the efficiency of training and provides an incremental way of reviewing progress.

Situation Awareness

Scimitar Tactical is suited to situations where it is important for operator location, status and video streams to be available at a control point in order to make effective overview decisions.

Having Scimitar Tactical record all the live incident data and fusing it into an easy to understand timeline that can be replayed, provides a clear reference point for accountability and performance enhancement for future similar incidents.

Bespoke Customisation

Scimitar Technology Ltd are able to customise Scimitar Tactical for specialised applications as required. In many cases this can be as easy as including existing interfaces into the required build of the software.