Scimitar Technology



Scimitar Technology Ltd is a UK based company focused on providing innovative technology solutions to first responders, training, defence and security sectors.

Currently the company’s main focus includes:


  • Offering bespoke research and development solutions to other manufacturers, SMEs and government organisations.
  • Providing an off-the-shelf solution that fits into a single man-portable case called Scimitar Tactical which offers an intuitive and easy-to-use system for the transmission, viewing and recording of live video and sensor situation awareness, data fusion and post-incident analysis.

Scimitar Technology Ltd builds on having extensive experience and strength in software and firmware development, to allow innovative ways to design, repurpose and customise COTS hardware to work seamlessly as part of Scimitar’s own hardware.

Cognizant is a comprehensive command and control software tool which allows live situation awareness combined with post-mission/incident analysis through the use of body-worn sensors.
A commander can obtain live video streaming, live biometrics, live operator biometrics, GPS operator tracking and comms (PTT). The system is fully configurable for a wide variety of mission/incidents for first responders, utilities workers, fire and police.