Scimitar Bodyworn Radio (BWR)

Scimitar BodyWorn Radio is our highly portable medium-range MANET radio with up to 125mW transmit power and high receive sensitivity to give the perfect compromise in SWaP.
Scimitar radios come in a variety of configurations for different applications and sensor types and offer a means of transmitting: video, audio, biometric and GPS data as required. These radios are designed to work with minimum user input and are configured directly from within the Scimitar Tactical software by selecting the appropriate radio from the list of active radios or from the mapping view

Technical Specifications

Radio Capabilities

Frequency2307 – 2607 MHz
Channels56 with 5MHz spacing
Bandwidth5, 10, 20, 40MHz
Data ThroughputUp to 100Mbps (typical 30mbps)
ModulationQPSK+QAM (OFDM)


Integrated GPS56-Channel, 2.5m accuracy
Stored GPS tracksUp to 24 hours
Internal Wi-Fi802.11n, client or AP (eg. connection to camera)
Bluetooth4.0 (eg. connection to BioMetric device)
Max Tx power21dBm (125mW) adjustable
Antenna ConnectorRP-SMA
Range (5dBi omni-directional antenna1km typical LOS, 250m typical nLOS
Network typeIP based MANET
Maximum Mesh Nodes per channel64
4-pin Magnetic Contact ConnectorCharger and Ethernet (docking port)
16-pin Accessory Port1x USB 2.0
1x 10/100 Ethernet
1x Stereo Audio Out
1x Mono Audio In
1x Charging input
2x Digital IOs
2x Accessory power (5V+3.3V)


Height92mm (including socket)
Operating temperature range-20°C to +60°C

Electrical Characteristics

Power consumptionMax 3W (typical 2W)
Battery life6 hours+
4-bay Docking Charger Unit Power Supply12V (4A)

Voice Capabilities

Push-to-talk Channels64
Audio Quality8 or 16KHz (G.711 or G.726)